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Almoayyed Marine, established in 2006 and based in Bahrain, has become a notable player in the maritime logistics industry. Specializing in sea transport, particularly the handling and transportation of bulk cargo and building materials, we have carved out a niche in this competitive sector.

Our company’s core strength lies in its robust fleet, comprising flat-top barges and powerful tugboats. This specialized fleet is expertly designed and equipped to handle a wide range of cargo, making us a versatile and reliable choice for sea transport needs. Our flat-top barges are particularly suited for carrying large, heavy, or irregularly shaped items, which is a critical requirement for transporting construction materials and equipment.

Serving a vital role in the supply chain, we at Almoayyed Marine extend our operations across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and South Asia. This wide operational footprint is testament to our commitment to being a key logistics player in these regions. By catering to these ports, we not only support the local and regional economies but also contribute to the broader development and infrastructure projects within these areas.

A hallmark of our service is its adherence to high standards of operation. We ensure that all vessels in its fleet are well-maintained, which is crucial for safety and efficiency in maritime logistics. Moreover, the skilled crews manning these vessels are a critical component of our success. With experienced professionals at the helm, we ensure that all operations are conducted with the utmost expertise and adherence to safety standards.